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Workshops and seminars are usually done in groups, but if you are an individual who needs a class, Rose will do a one on one personal individual session for 1 hour by phone to help you understand your gifts. Please see lower toward bottom on this page.


Connecting With The Universe Workshops/Seminars

  • Psychic Awareness I & II

  • How Do I Contact & Talk To My Angels?

  • How Do I  Contact & Talk To Lost Love Ones?

  • How Do I Contact & Talk To My Spirit Or Animal Guides?       

  • How Can I Connect With The Universe?

  • And Much More....

Psychic Development Seminars/Workshops

  • How Can I Learn To Develop & Understand Guidance From Every Day Life & Dreams?

  • How Can I  To Develop My Psychic Abilities

  • How Can I Learn
    To Discover My Past Lives?

  • How Do Learn To Meditate, Chant, Pray, Or Tone?

  • How Do I Learn To Visualize

  • How Do I Interpret My Dreams

  • Body, Mind & Soul Magic

  • Psychic Defense & Establishing Boundaries

  • Other Topics Below

    • Dream Interpretation

    • Dream Techniques

    • Communications With The Higher Sources,

    • Channeling With Angels, Higher Sources & Guides

    • Writing & Connecting With Your Personal Angels & Spirit Guides

    • Channeling Healing Energy

    • Light, Spiritual & Universal Ways

    • Development of Spiritual and Psychic Gifts and Abilities That We All Have.

    • Using your Spiritual and Psychic Gifts and Abilities with Respect, Responsibility, Understanding and Wisdom

    • Body, Mind & Soul Magic

    • Psychic Defense & Establishing Boundaries

    • Invocations the Right Way

    • Meditation

    • Usage of Crystals, Gems & Stones

    • Spiritual Tools

    • Energy & Chakras

    • Blockages

    • Letting Go Of Control & Letting God/All That Is/Universe

    • Working In Unity With Others &  Their Beliefs

    • Universal Power of Three - importance of the 3 highest levels of the Divine and Powers of the Universe. No matter what faith the star or symbol used is your connection whether it is the Star of David, the Craft Pagan Star or what ever belief and faith. The Star is significant.


Business & Corporate Workshops/Seminars

  • The Art of Feng Shui

  • Establishing Networking With A Style

  • Professional Boundaries

  • Being Professional

  • How Do I Get Rid Of Excess Negativity & Stress From Work or Negative People Around Me?

  • How Can I Take Control Of My Professional Life?

  • Secrets of Success

  • Incorporating Your Expertise Into Today's World and Being An Asset To Your Company's Bottom Line

  • Professional Image, Yours Does It Help Or Hurt Your Success

  • That Image Of A Successful Professional

  •  And Much more....

Personal Issue Workshops/Seminars

  • How Do I Get Rid Of Excess Negativity & Stress?

  • How Can I Take Control Of My Life?

  • Why Can't I Connect With The Right People?

  • Why Does This Keep Happening To Me?

  • And Much More......




THAT OTHER TOP SUCCESSFUL INDIVIDUALS, FORTUNE 500, AND FORTUNE 1000's  DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW. My Secrets I taught them...  How are they doing it....Rose will assist and teach you the secrets that they don't want you to know... and are covering it up..... why... because it is so easy.....they don't want you to see how they dare doing it....You will not believe what you hear or your eyes... secret visionary techniques, Investments, Creating Your Destiny, Holding the Cards, and much more…. 

Individual Cost $5,000 2 hour course

Group Sessions In Speaking Engagements, 3 Hour Program course $10,000 per person (50 or more people)

If you wish Rose to do a seminar  "Learn the Secrets Of Success" in your area  for your organization or group, please contact Angelic Inspirations at 763-535-7982 for further information and group costs.

Rose is one of today's top professional consultants, psychics and speakers today. She is the only one that has  worked with generation of United States Presidents in professional and business consultings, Fortune 500, & 1000 companies as well as being on their advisory boards. Highly Educated, author, speaker, artist, consultant, psychic and visionary Rose has over 49 years experience in many fields of expertise that is utilized world wide. Rose has been appointed from the Presidential Advisory & Business Advisory Councils to currently  the Presidential Advisory and Business Advisory Commissions. She is also on the Minnesota State Presidential Advisory and Business Advisory Counsel.



SPONSORING ROSE FOR AN EVENT: If you wish to sponsor Rose for one of these events: If you are interested in sponsoring a lecture, seminar or workshop with Rose please contact our office to discuss the fees, and expenses required upfront payment and such. (We suggest payment upfront by individuals interested in attending these session or by ticket selling in advance).

GROUPS ALREADY FORMED: If your group (25-150) are interested a lecture, seminar or workshop with Rose please call our office for individual rates of groups. (We suggest payment upfront by individuals interested in attending these session or by ticket selling in advance) based on number of individual tickets sold in advance that includes fees, and expenses required upfront for any traveling, locally or long distance.

These sessions are established for your group that YOU form, in any of these speaking engagements, workshops or classes, locally or have us travel to your area to teach them

Rose no longer sets up world wide workshops, seminars, classes or lectures for individuals on her own through her office, but only through already established and paying groups that wish her to appear.  Rose does not do long distance driving. Fees and traveling expenses are required for Rose and someone to assist her


ESTABLISHED GROUPS ARE A MUST FOR AN EVENT APPEARANCE: If you are interested and wish Rose to do any of the events you must have a group gathered together, a place to hold the event, and any other requirements as well as payment in advance that includes travel expenses for Rose and someone to assist her.

INDIVIDUAL CLASS By Phone : If there are no groups in your area that can be formed and you are interested in a class, Rose will teach you over the phone and help you understand your gifts in a personal session reading instead of a formed class group. Fees  for one on one class session for a 1 hour personal class in helping you to understand your gifts and their development.

These 1 hour sessions are restricted and start at $400, an hour for each individual class session. Sorry a full hour is required and needed. We do not teach 30 min sessions. These are personal individualized sessions to help you individually in your understanding, and development.


 Please call us at local  (763) 535-7982  for further discussions. We ask that you have all information ready to provide us, so we can make the fee and expense determination.


ROSE'S CLASSES & FREE PSYCHIC READING SESSIONS: If you are interested in hosting a 1 hr, 2 hr, 3 hr class locally in your home, or attending an in home class on various subjects, ( if you are looking for a class to attend, you will be given information on up coming classes or placed on a list to organize a class) please contact Angelic Inspirations at 763-535-7982. Fee range of classes is from $50 to $150 per person. Fees dependant on  the number of hours of the class and expenses. You are required to supply your own paper and pens for this outstanding and abundant information that is shared, a once in a life time experience. Rose does one on one instruction along with free readings to various individuals through a drawing of names, randomly and a special gift to the hostess. Rose will not be doing classes or live psychic performances through the Learning Annex, ever. Minimum in Class 10 Maximum 50.  If you wish Rose to tour in your area, you must organize a group of 75 or more and a facility to have it in at no charge for her to use in order for her travel out of state.


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